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Our review policy

Here at Nintendo Village we have a range of people from all sorts of backgrounds reviewing games. It's important to remember that any review is ultimately a reflection of the reviewer's own personal experience with a game, and as no two people are alike, no two reviews will be either.

Despite this we always try to offer as unbiased an opinion as is humanly possible, whilst still maintaining the personality and style that makes each writer unique.

Similarly, while we do receive complementary copies of some games in order to report on them for you, this has no impact whatsoever on our approach to the review, or on how we score it. 

Our scores


1 Star - Poor
Not good. You probably deserve better.

2 Star.png

2 Stars - Okay
Only for die-hard fans or a specific demographic.


3 Stars - Good
If you like this kind of thing, it's certainly worth considering.

4 Stars.png

4 Stars - Great
An all-round delight of a game, definitely one to check out.


5 Stars - Superb
A bit special, this is one you should definitely own.