Key Info

System: Switch
Developer: Milkbag Games
Publisher: Milkbag Games
Release Date: 22 January 2019
Price: $19.99 / £15.29

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Reviewed by Clay Howard

FutureGrind by Milkbag Games is an intense futuristic action stunt racer, where the player controls a sci-fi styled bike and grinds on colourful rails, nabbing combos and tricks all the way to the finish line. The catch lies in making sure you only grind on the colours matching the wheels in order to make it safely to the end of each level.

On Yer Bike

FutureGrind gives the player a single objective at first - namely reaching the end of the level - but then each stage can be replayed to achieve a higher score, or accomplish two additional assignments such as landing backflips, or hitting a certain high combo. These extra objectives added some great replayability to the already addictive gameplay hook.

As levels progress new stunt bikes are unlocked that play and handle in different ways, adding even more variety. Levels also bring fresh and exciting new obstacles and means of travel to keep things unique and fun for the player.

Learning Curve

The games controls take a few minutes to grow accustomed to, but after a little while you will be doing tricks and flying through levels like a pro. If you’ve played the Trials motorbike stunt games, this plays a bit like that, but with some really cool variations, and a whole bunch of different challenges. At first, keeping the coloured wheels on their respective grind rails is no sweat. But as levels progress the challenge becomes much greater, and you’ll be pulling off all sorts of ridiculous combos, just to make it to the end. You’ll perish frustratingly from time to time, but it just makes the eventual successful run that much sweeter. The visuals and music both compliment the games futuristic Tron type aesthetic perfectly, and I found myself bumping the music loud while playing.


Going into this game I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But after only a few short minutes I was really hooked on this cool little stunt racer. Despite it’s challenging nature, FutureGrind never felt cheap or frustrating, and I only ever had myself to blame for my poor stunt biker’s demise. But I was more than happy to jump right back into the action to see what other havoc and sick moves I could pull off in pursuit of the chequered flag.

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Pros & Cons

+ Unique, addictive gameplay
+ Fun additional objectives
+ Great art style and music

- Slightly steep learning curve

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