Welcome to our Mario party

Nintendo Nostalgia 80 (Welcome To Our Mario Party!)Nintendo Nostalgia

OH YEAH PARTY TIME! Hey everyone welcome back to another week of Nintendo Nostalgia. This week we just keep it simple with Jacob, Ryan and Clay. We talk about what we have been "Radical Rexin About" first like always, but then waste no time getting to the topic of the week. That's right we're visiting the 2nd installment in the Mario Party franchise, "Mario Party 2!" This game was very similar to the first but added it's own spin on things by giving us an actual little story that we could decide how it ends in each world. That's right whoever wins the game gets to be the hero in this one. We talk about the brutal mini games and the unfair play of computers as well. Can you relate in rage quitting this game a few times like we have? Or not talking to a friend or family member for awhile? We will see you all back next week to go on an some type of fantasy journey see you all then!

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