Rouge Leader

In a galaxy far far away Ryan, Jacob and Clay talk about old Nintendo video games and systems and decided to invite back for a second time guest Chris White. Our "Radical Rexin" segment is about more Pokemon rumors, a Nickelodeon board game and our hype for Nintendos upcoming E3 event. The topic at hand for this week is all about Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube in honor of the new Star Wars Solo movie in theaters this Friday!  Chris takes us back to the launch of the Nintendo Gamecube and his experience picking up the system and getting this beloved Star Wars game for the first time. We talk about the game itself and the state of Star Wars games today. It's been awhile since Nintendo got a big mainline Star Wars game. Could this change sometime soon? Listen and find out! We'll be back next week once again in another galaxy far far away! See you then!

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