Pokemon: Gold & Silver

Hey hello everyone welcome back to another week of Nintendo Nostalgia! This week is packed with Ryan, Jacob and NOS Crew member Robbie, but not one but 2 guests as well! We welcome back our Pokemon expert John, and a new comer guest KC from The Switch Cast. We of course have to talk about what we have been Radical Rexin about, but we dive into a long discussion of the second gen games from the Pokemon series. Pokemon Gold and Silver added so much more to the world we all had grown and loved in the late 90s of Pokemon. A new region, lots of new Pokemon and the cool new legendaries were all mind blowing when we had been taught there were only 151 Pokemon originally. Join us as we jump back to the turn of the century when Pokemon Gold and Silver released onto the scene. We'll be back next week with another episode of Nintendo Nostalgia! See yah then!

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