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Nintendo Nostalgia (Ninja Gaiden)Nintendo Nostalgia

Hello and Happy New Year! For our very first episode of 2018 we have an exciting announcement for the show. Please join Ryan and Jacob as we introduce the newest member and our 3rd full time co host to Nintendo Nostalgia Clay Howard! We are excited to have Clay and what he will bring to the table in helping the show continue to grow even more. To start the show off we of course talk about what we have been Radical Rexin about. Then since it's his first official show apart of the team Clay brings the topic Ninja Gaiden to us. We dive into this old Nes Classic and talk about its difficulty and some of the unique things this game did for its time. Do you remember playing this old game and struggling? Well we can tell you first hand. Its very difficult but if you master the levels you'll feel like a beast! Well we'll see you next week enjoy!

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