Jet Force Gemini

Nintendo Nostalgia 83 (Jet Force Gemini)Nintendo Nostalgia

Welcome back everyone to another episode of Nintendo Nostalgia! This week Ryan and Clay could not make it so we had to fill their shoes with two awesome guests! The first returning is the guy whos got Diddy Kong Racing all wrong, Mark Carabin from Warp Whistle Gaming! Our second guest has been hiding in the shadows for far to long, but he has made an appereance here just for us. Returning guest James Mikalojewski is back! We all quickly warp speed into what we have been Radical Rexin About. Such as some new retro games Jacob recently got. Beating Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and the same hype as before about E3. It's so close we just can't take it! When then get into the topic of the week Jet Force Gemini. After talking about our initial memories with the game Jacobs computer decides to freak out. So Mark and James take the reigns for a good portion of the show. Thanks to both of them for stepping up when needed. They talk about the curses of the game such as being ahead of its time in controlling, and then compare the original 64 version to the RARE Replay remake version. We then talk about if there is any chance for this game to get more life in the future or is a spiritual successor in the future more likely? Well everyone next week is our BIG E3 Predictions episode and we are beyond excited to record it! We will see you all next week when we set the record straight on what's going to go down for Nintendos 2018 E3. See yah then!

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