Final Fantasy 3

Oh wow another week closer to E3 and another batch of rumors come out! That's what we have been "Radical Rexin About" this week. We welcome first time guest Matthew Knight to the show, but Clay and Ryan are not on this week so we had to call in the BIG BOOMSKI to come fill in! That's right everyone our old part time co host time is BACK and he is definitely playing with power, and he plans on sticking around for a long time! The three of us dive into the rumors of the new Star Fox racing game by Retro Studios, and the rumored new Pokemon Lets Go Pickachu and Lets Go Evee games. After a good discussion we then take to the topic for the week Final Fantasy 3. (the American version for snes) Jacob takes a back seat mostly and lets Matt and Tom educate him on why this game is so dang ground breaking and good. The game is massive so we look at some key moments through out the game that really will take you back if you have some major nostalgia for this one. We will be back next week but in a galaxy far far away. See yah then!

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