E3 2018 predictions

Nintendo Nostalgia 84 (Our E3 2018 Predictions!)Nintendo Nostalgia

It is time to finally share our Nintendo 2018 E3 predictions!!!!! This episode is longer than our normal time frame, but man this episode is fun, funny and full of some good and crazy predictions for the Big N. On the episode we also introduce for the first time as a Nos Crew member a NEW part time co host Chris White. Moving forward Tom and Chris will be on more regularly to help with hosting duties and getting more behind the scenes stuff going for us. We are excited to have them involved more regularly. So we hope you enjoy this first episode with Ryan, Tom, Chris and myself as we geek-out about what Nintendo might unveil to us next Tuesday. Next week we will be airing the episode the day of E3 after the event has taken place and it will be all about our reactions to the latest Nintendo news. See you all next week and have a Merry Christmas in June Nintendo fans!!!!

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