The Gameboy

Hello and welcome back to Nintendo Nostalgia we get back into a normal routine with this episode but this is the start of a special month! We have dedicated the month of July all to the Game Boy! We kick this episode off with talking some news such as the coming Splatoon 2 Direct, Dragon Quest IV, a little talk about Yooka Laylee, and because we missed this bomb dropping news our thoughts on the SNES Classic. We chit chat a little about what we have been playing and then get to our main focus for the episode. The Game Boy is a very important piece to Nintendos history for it launched the handheld gaming world into a massive success for the Big N! And ever since the launch of the old fat gray GB Nintendo has owned that part of the gaming market. Ryan Tom and Jacob talk about the system and their own personal stories with the Game Boy. Enjoy and get ready for a month all about Game Boy, Game Boy, GAME BOY!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention this month is all about the Game Boy?!

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