Super Mario world vs. DKC

HEY! Welcome back to another episode of Nintendo Nostalgia! We are honored by having our first time guest Tony Baker on, and returning "The Legendary God of Gaming" Traven Jonas!!!!!! We hop on Yoshi and ride him straight into the news for the week. Which we cover the fact that  ToysRus has filed for bankruptcy, and our take aways from last weeks Nintendo Direct. We talk about some 2k18 on the Switch, Monster Hunter Stories, and of course METROID METROID METROID!!!!! Then we waste no time as we get into the heated debate for the episode Super Mario World! We talk about our love and memories for this fantastic game, but poor Jacob is out numbered here three to one of people who do not agree that Donkey Kong Country is better than Super Mario World! BLASPHEMY!!!! Sorry..... always you decide and let us know who is right and who is wrong is Mario World or DKC better? Listen to the facts and find out! See yah next week! It's going to be a SMASHING GOOD TIME!!!!!!

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