Super Mario land 2: 6 golden coins

WELCOME BACK! Episode 38 of Nintendo Nostalgia is a VERY special because we FINALY get to have the second man who helped us launch our show last fall Sean Capri be our guest for the week! Sean jumps right in by bring us some news about WWE coming to Switch and the latest ARMS update. Ryan then goes on a little Pokemon talk, and I Jacob go on a rant about some Metroid topics. We spend a lot of time on news so we skipped what we have been playing so we can get into the main topic for this week. Everyone it's all about Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins! We take a trip back to 1992 when I had just barley turned the age of 2! Mario Land 2 was the best and biggest Mario game on a handheld for that time, the game introduced an iconic character that we see pretty often show up in the world of Nintendo still to this day. We talk about our old memories with the game and about the different directions the Mario Land games both make compared to the main line Mario games, and what we would like to see Nintendo do in the realm of their LAND versions of games. Please enjoy this treat of an episode.

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