Pikin Min with Ke Vin

Hey everyone! This week on Nintendo Nostalgia we are back and joining us is one of our great friends, returning guest Kevin from Play Some Video Games. We talk about how Nintendo is releasing so much great stuff this year we are struggling to find the money for it all and are forced to make some hard calls just to get some mo money$$$$. Talking about items like the New 3DSXL Samus edition, amiibos, SNES classic and the Switch itself. We talk about Nintendos announcement of the Nintendo World Champions 2017 and that we think Nintendo is really gearing up for a big announcement with this as a fun cover up! Kevin is reviewing a fun little game called (Hey Pikmin!) he shares with us his thoughts on the game. How fitting cause our topic for the week is the Nintendo GameCube Classic Pikmin! This game was very odd and different not just from what Nintendo had ever done but at a time where shooters like Halo were dominating the market Nintendo gives us something that feels more peaceful and is full of nature. We talk about what we love about the game and where we want to see the future of series go. Enjoy this one and until next time PIKMIN!

Gary GrayComment