Metroid Fusion

Hey hey! Welcome back again to another week of Nintendo Nostalgia! This week we welcome first time guest Jared Wagner! We try something a little different for this show and talk about some stuff we're into on a range of anything. We talk about what we've been playing of course then get into our personal scariest Metroid game of them all, Metroid Fusion. Metroid Fusion for Ryan and Jacob is mixed well with the cold wintery months of the years. We played it during the winter months back in winter of 2002 and the start of the new year 2003, and just like those cold days and nights the game Metroid Fusion is just that, cold scary and alone. The game really does a fantastic job of putting Samus in isolation in a dark space station where everyone is dead and you're being hunted. That is why this game wins a spot on our spooky month theme. Enjoy!

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