Links awakening

Wake up! WAKE UP!!!!!! It's time for Links Awakening on this weeks episode of Nintendo Nostalgia! The news right now is pretty sparse but Ryan and Jacob manage to find a little bit of news to talk about. Such as some news for the Wii U, the recent spike in 3/2DS advertising as we close in on the release of Hey! Pikmin, Miitopia, and the NEW 2DS. The long lines in Japan for people waiting to get a Switch and how that has ended the NEW 3DS line in Japan, and a little talk about Jack Box Party bringing more packages to the Switch. We give a recap of the recent games we've been playing then jump into the game of the week! Links Awakening is a legendary game for it was the first true Zelda game that was portable on the original Game Boy. This game was not your typical Zelda game for it really had a lot of weirdness to it, and it breaks away from the mold of the traditional Zelda story that people had been used to for that time. Is this is a special game for you? This is a popular classic in the Game Boy catalog, and because of that we hope we did the game justice by you enjoy what we have to say.

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