Happy 1st birthday to us/ Luigi's mansion

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Today officially marks our 1 year anniversary as a show! Which means this is the first episode for Season 2 of Nintendo Nostalgia! We are so thrilled to be here and we cannot wait to get into even more nostalgia and fun ideas with all of our listeners. Thank you all for your support! Keep spreading the word of the community so we can continue to grow and be better for everyone! In this weeks episode we take a look back on the past year for the show and thank a lot of people for their help in getting the show where it is today. Then we get right into the final spooky game of the month! That is Luigi's Mansion, this game is a very unique game in the Nintendo library for it was a launch game for the Nintendo GameCube and it didn't star Mario. It stared Luigi! Luigi had never had a game to himself like this before, and to top things off the one who needs saving is Mario himself! Join us as we talk about the scaredy cat Luigi and his adventure in taking down lots and lots of ghosts! Let's have a great year 2, and again Happy Halloween! See yah next week on our normal Thursday!

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