Donkey Kong country

IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! But first.... We welcome another legendary Nintendo Dad Justin Mason to the show for the first time! We cover a lot of news such as Final Fantasy possibly coming to the Switch, ARMS updates, and of course we HAVE to talk about our SNES Classic preorder stories. After the usual show segments are done we for the first time launch our Nintendo Nostalgia HOTLINE! We take some calls about our topic of the week and jump right in to memory lane. That's right everyone we're all about Donkey Kong Country! This game put Nintendo to the top of the console wars back in the 90s simply because of Nintendos new partnership with RARE that in result DKC was born. We cover everything from our memories, the music, the difficulty, the bosses, and of course the animal buddies! We hope you enjoy this next episode it is truly a SPECIAL one for us indeed! See yah next time!

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