2017 E3 predictions

Nintendo Nostalgia 33 (Our 2017 Nintendo E3 Predictions!


Hey welcome back for another episode of Nintendo Nostalgia! It is finally time for Ryan, Jacob and Tom to talk about E3 more in-depth and what we think is going to happen this year from the Big N themselves. But we are a show all about Nostalgia clearly! So to start this episode we get into what we remember about E3s past for Nintendo and our own Nostalgia for the big event! Then we get into the good stuff by having a group discussion about what we think will happen at E3. Will we be so accurate that people will be freaking out about how accurate we are? OR will people think we're insane and laugh at our predictions?! WHO KNOWS!!!! But you have to listen to see if we are legendary predictors or not. We hope you enjoy this one because we definitely did!

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