Super Mario world 2: Yoshis’ Island - Nintendo Nostalgia


This week on Nintendo Nostalgia Ryan, Tom and Jacob get straight to business with some quick talk about the NEW Nintendo Direct, and we promise JUST A LITTLE BIT of talk about Yooka Laylees launch! But we wanted to waste no time in getting to the main topic of the day Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island! This game set a standard for Nintendo in years to come by Nintendo taking a different approach to the art of the game and the music. This game pushed the Super Nintendo to its limits for that time. This game is also responsible for making Yoshi into the character we know and love today. Do you have found memories of the sequel to Super Mario World? It was quite different than Super Mario World was did that disappoint you or do you like the direction they took the game? Well join us now as we discuss this classic game and share our memories with it.

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