Super Mario Bros. 2 - Nintendo Nostalgia


This week on Nintendo Nostalgia we welcome a very special guest from the show Nintendo Dads Marty Estes! This is the longest episode to date for the show and it is simply because we just get great conversation going with Mr. Marty. We talk about lots on this one including Zelda, Switch issues, Fire Emblem, the first Yooka Laylee reviews and of course the meat of the show Super Mario Bros. 2! This game is the black sheep of the original Mario trilogy, but to some this is the best one of the original 3. What do you think was Mario Bros. 2 the best or was it just too far out there? Should Nintendo even do anything with the story of this game again in the future? Well have a listen and find out our thoughts! Enjoy the show and we'll see you next week

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