Pokémon Snap!


OH SNAP! This week on Nintendo Nostalgia your better bring your camera cause we are looking for some Pokemon! While we pass the time to talk about a beloved photo taking game Ryan, Jacob and John (Elite Trainer League) talk about the games they've been playing as of late, and then they take the conversation right into the news! We talk about lots of smaller topics this week from Nintendo Switch game sales, to some new Nintendo phone apps that have been rumored recently, some weird Zelda art, and some new Pokemon Go events! Once all the small talk is done we finally pull out our cameras and talk about a game that was a hidden gem on the Nintendo 64! Pokemon Snap is a very different kind of game than anything else we have ever gotten from the Pokemon world. It is a game that many people hold dear to their hearts to this day. So why has Nintendo never made a sequel to it yet?! We talk about our found memories of this game and where we hope (if we ever get a sequel) it goes! So if you never played this game or if you have please join us here as we talk about a fun different kind of Pokemon game!

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