Mario Sunshine


This week on Nintendo Nostalgia bring you beach towel, sunscreen, sun glasses, and an umbrella because we are leading into summer with SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE! But first we share our thoughts on the New details reveled for Zelda BOTW DLC Pack #1, Nintendo 2DS, Splatoon 2 news, and a rumored Nintendo Direct. Then we finally jump in the ocean to talk about Mario Sunshine. This Mario game was the follow up to Nintendos ground breaking Super Mario 64! This game had a lot of high hopes for people and it satisfied a lot but also left a bad taste any many peoples mouths. Was the game good or was it a it a let down? What did we think of the game?! Well join us this week to find out we hope you enjoy this great talk about Mario cleaning up messes with a water back pack and collecting sun-sprites. ENJOY

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