A weekend with the Switch - Nintendo Nostalgia

A Weekend with the Switch. 


This week on Nintendo Nostalgia after spending a couple days with our new Switches we waste no time and jump right into our thoughts on Nintendo Switch and the games! We talk about how it feels in portable mode and at home on the dock. We share our thoughts on a handful of games such as 1 2 Switch, Bomberman R, Shovel Knight, Snipperclips, and yes of course Zelda: Breath of the Wild! There will be spoiler talk in this episode of the game so if you wish to skip that part it is the last topic of the episode. We welcome our guest Kevin Austin from the PSVG (Play Some Video Games Podcast) Go check out their Facebook page to find the all the links to their podcasts, websites and other outlets. We hope that you all enjoy this episode! It was fun having a good excuse to play video games so we could do our homework for the show! Enjoy!

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