Teenage mutant ninja turtles: Turtles in time

COWABUNGA!!!! Welcome back to Nintendo Nostalgia! We are super stoked to be back after missing last week we have just felt empty inside! We have come back not just playing with power but, we have come back playing with TURTLE POWER! Before the topic though we jump right into talks about what we have been Radical Rexing About! Mainly we focus on (at the time before the SMASH Direct) what we hoped would happen. Were we right about our hopes and guesses? Just listen and find out! Then a fellow brother from our "Make Us Better" group Jason Lacy joins us this week, to talk about TMNT: Turtles In Time for the SNES! This game took the turtles out of the 8 bit era and into the 16 bit. It wasn't super long of a game, but it packed a punch! We talk about how this originally was an arcade game and what our initial memories and experience with it were. It definitely is a classic and we hope you have a SHELL OF A TIME listening to it. We will be back next week with a 101 education on someone MEGA! See yah then! 

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