Super Mario Land

Oh hello there! Welcome back to the first game we're covering for our retro dedicated Game Boy month. This week we bring you some fun Radical Rexing news right away! NOS crew members Chris and Traven have some fun things to say. Such as Traven not liking his Gundam game he had high hopes for, but he quickly replaces it with a Nindie game called "Ace of Seafood". So if you like realistic fish shooting lasers from their mouths have at! Chris has been enjoying himself some Fortnite, and more importantly he's been all about the DK Rabbids DLC! Jacob talks about DK DLC as well along with his first impressions of playing Crash Bandicoot on the Switch and for the first time really ever. The biggest thing Jacob is Radical Rexing about tho is being able to lock down a beautiful Banjo Kazooie statue from First 4 Figures.  After the radical things we talk bout we jump into Super Mario Land. We talk about our original memories with this game. The story and comparisons it has to the original Super Mario Bros. Plus would Nintendo ever revisit the Land series again. We'll be back next week with some more Game Boy gems see you then! 

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