King K. Rool (The King Has Returned!)


Welcome back to another episode of Nintendo Nostalgia! This week Ryan and Jacob welcome first time to the show newcomer Josh Taylor. We all Radical Rex quickly about some Kingdom Hearts, and the latest Amiibo to hit the market, and Jacobs first time truly playing a Final Fantasy game. Then we share out thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct. The topic for the week is all about King K. Rool! We dive into the history little bit about him, but we focus on how he slowly changes with each game in the Donkey Kong series based on his personality, and the actions he makes with each game. We talk about his lowly years where he was neglected and we talk about how he’s come full circle to being back with Smash Ultimate. We hope Nintendo is making a quality game with him facing off against the Kongs real soon! We will be back next week with some tales from your favorite Old Man Tom! See yah then! …

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