Super Mario 64 DS


Hello and welcome back to another episode of Nintendo Nostalgia! This week Jacob and Ryan get right to work by Radical Rexing from the get go. We Radical Rex about Mario Maker 2 and some chip tune music. We also have a listener call that asks a few questions that we really enjoyed answering. Then we get to work on the main topic. First up in our DS dedicated month we cover Super Mario 64 DS! You may think man Mario 64 again?! BUT WAIT RIGHT THERE!!!! There is enough to this game to warrant us talking about it again. The DS version of Mario 64 adds a lot new to the original to improve on it. Ryan and Jacob talk about that, but we focus on why this game was so important to us way back when it released with the original Nintendo DS. At this point in time we had already developed major nostalgia for Mario 64 and this game coming portably was a MASSIVE deal to us and for Nintendo. So enjoy this one and get ready for a big hunt next week! …

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