Gameboy Camera

Hey sit back and take a selfie while listening to this little special episode here! This week Ryan brings the nos and knowledge for the Game Boy Camera! That's right do you remember the original selfie camera?! Before we dive into the topic though Jacob and Ryan talk about what they have been Radical Rexing About as of late. Ryan's enjoying his trip down memory lane with Crash Bandicoot on the Switch, but Jacob is very concerned about his friends brain. He thinks Crash is literally crashing his mind for Ryan saying one of the most bizarre things he has ever said in his entire life! Then Jacob is trying to manage himself by not getting to excited about the next Nintendo Direct rumors, but hopes they are true. Getting into the Game Boy Camera we visit the original commercial, the features this camera had, and if Nintendo would dare to do something like this again in modern times. We hope you enjoy this one and we'll see you next week for another round of Game Boy only month! I hear we will be shrinking ourselves down for the next one.

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