Hello Earthlings! Welcome back to another episode of Nintendo Nostalgia! This week we welcome back friends of the show returning guests our Pokemon fanatic John Miller, and one of our fellow MUB partners and friend Kevin from PSVG! This week we head straight into what we have been Radical Rexin about. Simply this week it's about what we have been gaming as of late, but then we get into a game that has a strong following fan base. Earthbound has been neglected over it's entire life by seeing very few releases and hasn't had a new game since the mid 90s except for one sequel in 2006 which only came out in Japan. We explore the unique campaign for advertising this game had. Along with how this game had a lot of dark moments in the game that forced it to be censored majorly to come over to America. Then we end off with how this game has roots that tie directly into the Pokemon franchise. We will be back next week with something new and fun for you. Ryan and I are ready to go full detail on something next week. See you all then! 

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