Super Mario Bros.3

Hello and welcome back to another week of Nintendo Nostalgia! We kick the episode off with introducing our new first time guest Donnie from the PSVG Network. We get into what we have been Radical Rexing about such as a horror flick, Kirby games, and much more. Then we fly right into the main topic of the week which is all about Super Mario Bros. 3! This NES classic game is truly a special one for all of us here at Nintendo Nostalgia. The game is the biggest game to kick of Ryan and Jacobs nostalgia of playing Nintendo together as little boys, it was Kyles first game he ever played! Donnie loves this game so much he's the one who brought it to the table for this week. So if you got some love for Mario 3 then sit back and take a Warp Whistle back to the early 90s with us! Then of course Warp Whistle back to the present time so you can join us again for another episode of Nintendo Nostalgia next week. See yah!

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