Bleed 2 Review

Key Info

System: Switch
Developer: Bootdisk Revolution
Publisher: Digerati
Release Date: 8 March 2018
Price: $19.99 / £13.49

Reviewed by Clay Howard

Bleed 2 is an action packed run and gun shooter recently released for the Nintendo Switch. While I never had the opportunity to play the original Bleed, the time I've spent with this game has made me even more curious to see how this all came to be. Developed by Bootdisk Revolution, Bleed 2 is some of the most intense, heavy action, arcade style bullet barrage gaming I have ever played.

The game's high energy delivers a thrilling experience. Within minutes of playing level one, I knew that I was hooked, with the chaos unfolding almost as soon as you jump in. 

Learning curve

The pink haired heroine of the game, Wryn, is called into action to save her world from the impending doom at the hand of invading bad guys. With the use of her two, fully automatic firearms and trusty katana, Wryn must shoot, slash, reflect, jump, and dodge her way through seven increasingly challenging levels.

The controls in Bleed 2 are the only major stumbling block as they can be a little obtuse at first. However, after about an hour, you grow comfortable with them. Shooting in any direction is all done through the right thumbstick, leaving jumping to the right trigger. This caused me some struggle at first but eventually made for a very comfortable experience. The katana is also used by flicking the right thumbstick in any direction, allowing Wryn to deflect any pink projectiles back at her foes.

While each of the seven levels has platforming shooting sections, the real challenge lies in the 25 bosses fought throughout the game. Each one is very unique, and has its own set of over the top attacks that keep the player constantly on their toes. Fortunately, the game is kind with checkpoints and doesn't make restarting at a boss frustrating in any way.

Unique in its class

The visuals and music in this game are colourful and match the high energy of the game perfectly. Every character and enemy is full of detail and charm that make delight the senses. The retro feel never gets dull or overused, and the game has really found its own style and personality to set itself apart from the numerous other titles in the genre.

The main storyline itself doesn't take particularly long to play through, especially on the lower difficulties. But getting back into the game and pushing oneself to dominate the higher difficulties, and unlock new characters, weapons, cheats, and other fun goodies is where the real fun lies.

Perhaps from the outside looking in, this game seems like a small package. But Bleed 2 is filled to the brim with a slew of different modes including Arcade, Challenge, an endless survival mode, as well as co-op to keep you interested and entertained for hours.


If you're a fan of games like Gunstar Heroes, Contra, or Cuphead this is a game you should definitely check out. With strong action gameplay and charming characters and humor, Bleed 2 easily stands out from other games of its ilk. There's plenty of content for the price of entry, and is easily recommendable to anyone.


Pros & Cons

+ Strong action gameplay
+ Great charm and humor
+ Tons of content

- Controls tough at first