Nintendo Files Patent For Hinged Joy-Con

Hinged JoyCon.png

The bendy Joy-Con has appeared in the official patent database in Japan.

A new patent has cropped up in Japan that shows the Switch’s Joy-Con with an unusual hinge near the top. Filed by Nintendo, the modification to the console’s controllers sees the (notoriously drifty) stick of the left Joy-Con and the buttons of the right, angled downwards.

It’s an interesting design, and although it might look a bit ridiculous at first glance, we imagine it might actually be quite comfortable when you’re playing with the Joy-Con detached. When the controller’s curved it almost looks like the sort of controller you’d get with a VR headset. Maybe a future Switch Pro would be powerful enough to offer a full VR experience and these are what you’ll use to control it? Who knows.

Of course, this just being a patent there’s no guarantee that the actual product will ever see the light of the day. Nintendo are always looking to iterate and innovate after all. Though this isn’t the weirdest controller we’ve seen from Nintendo recently

What do you reckon this new design is for?