Mario Maker Monday - 9 September 2019

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Phew! After last week’s boss battle takeover from King Koopa himself, regularly scheduled programming has returned!

We’ve got a trio of different stages for you this week. Our own stage comes from Nathan Ellingsworth, and is a short and sweet speed run for you to try and claim the world record on. We found a great classic Mario level knocking around course world which we’ve shared with you here - definitely worth checking out if you like some proper platforming!

Lastly our submission comes from JoeySplats. He specialises in one screen puzzles, but this week’s stage goes one further and traps Mario in a tiny little box he has to work his way out of.

We hope you enjoy them all - don’t forget to send us your course codes using the form below!

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Nintendo Village Stage

Stage Name: Speed Run
Stage ID: 43W-GH3-NJG
Created By Nathanzero aka @nathandelune

Short and sweet is the name of the game in this week’s Nintendo Village stage.

Staff writer Nathan Ellingsworth has put together this speedrun level that will require some well timed jumps if you’re going to make the blocks.

The current world record is 26 and a half seconds - can you beat it?

My Great Capture Screenshot 2019-08-26 12-41-59.png

Villager’s Choice

Stage Name: Super Mario Bros. Mini Adventure
Stage ID: BY5-95K-J0H
Created By: [WUT]Octoz

We love a classic-style Mario level here at Nintendo Village and this stage from [WUT]Octoz is a great example!

It’s got everything, from fun platforming sections, to a red coin hunt across multiple areas, as well as a pretty intense boss battle with Bowser too!

If you fancy a fun adventure-style level, this is the one for you.

Community Stage

Stage Name: Tiny Box Puzzle
Stage ID: 0RT-5LT-N7G
Created By: JoeySplats

Our resident puzzle master JoeySplats returns with a neat little tiny box puzzle. The solution is fairly straight forward once you’ve thought it through - but will need some precise jumping if you’re going to grab the key!

Nice one Joey!

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