Monthly Additions To NES and SNES Switch Online Libraries End

SNES Online Thumbnail.png

The monthly additions we’ve seen to Switch Online’s NES offering are ending, and SNES won’t get them at all.

We all rejoiced at the inclusion of Super Nintendo games in the Switch Online subscription, as revealed during this week’s Nintendo Direct. Unfortunately, the news comes with a bit of a sting in the tail.

Vooks have reported that the monthly additions that we’ve grown accustomed to fo the NES library on Switch will be ceasing. Moreover, there won’t be monthly additions to the SNES library either.

It’s not all bad news though, there are still additions potentially coming for both services. It’s just that we’ll be getting those extra games as and when Nintendo decides we’re worthy of them.

Their PR rep told Vooks:

“More games will be added after launch, but those releases will not adhere to a regular schedule.“

To be fair, with 20 games for SNES from the get-go – not to mention the NES library which currently stands at 63 titles – we’re happy with a bit of a delay before any more additions. Our backlog is long enough as it is!

What say you villagers? Are you disappointed about the ending of frequent updates, or are you happy for a bit of breathing room?

Phil is the co-founder and editor of Nintendo Village, and also writes, hosts and produces P Myth Gaming. He has been a Nintendo fanboy for as long as he can remember and owns every home console bar the Virtual Boy (one day... one day...). His favourite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.