Nintendo Announce Ring Fit Adventure

The new exercise/adventure game will be coming to Switch on 18 October.

Following that bizarre trailer last week, Nintendo have revealed a new exercise game for Switch entitled Ring Fit Adventure.

The game combines exercises with an adventure game, encouraging the player to keep active as they move through the world to take down a body-building dragon named Drago. Yes really.

The odd contraption we saw in last week’s trailer is called a Ring-Con, and can be flexed and moved around to activate different movements on screen. For example, jogging in place will cause your character to move forward through the world.


There’s also RPG style battles to tackle too. You’re asked to perform different ‘Fit Skills’ in order to inflict damage. Different enemies are susceptible to different skills, so you’ll likely get a full body workout if you’re taking on a variety of baddies. Other Fit Skills are used to defend from attacks too.

Your timing and accuracy improves your performance in battle, earning experience. Levelling up improves your stats, and also unlocks more Fit Skills.

There are 20 different worlds to explore throughout the game, as well as more than 40 Fit Skills to unlock.

There are of course modes that let you just jump into exercises, a bunch of mini games, and a nifty quiet mode that swaps out your movements for ones that have less impact - should be handy if you’re an early riser and don’t want to wake everyone up whilst you’re working out!

Put a Ring-Con It

The Ring-Con itself is a ‘flexible electronic device that provides resistance, and features a sensor that detects exertion and reacts to changes’. Both that and the leg strap are included alongside the game, which is launching on 18 October. It’ll retail at $79.99 in the US, and £69.99 in the UK.

It’s certainly a new approach to exercise, and with a full-on adventure mode, might appeal to more traditional gamers than the likes of Wii Fit did. The mini-games certainly look like they’d produce the kind of ridiculous poses and actions that make for great game nights with your friends too, though how many of your mates would be up for a night of both beer and exercise remains to be seen.

You can check out more info about the game in the video below.


What do you think, will you be heading out on a ring fit adventure? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Nintendo PR