Potential Super Meat Boy Film In The Works

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Team Meat head Tommy Refenes plans to combine Super Meat Boy Forever’s cutscenes into an animated movie.

Super Meat Boy Forever still doesn’t have a solid release date after missing its previous window of April, but studio head Tommy Refenes already has extra plans for the game.

Speaking in an interview with Destructoid at PAX West, Refenes said that there are almost 55 minutes of animated cutscenes in the game, and he plans to turn them into a film once the game’s released:

“When the game's out, we have all these cutscenes. They're like boss intro, you fight the boss, boss outro. We're going to animate the boss fights and then put it together in like an 80-minute Blu-Ray or something, because why not? I'm excited about doing that because I've always wanted to make a movie, and then I kinda did.”

That should be a pretty cool way for fans to experience the Super Meat Boy Forever story without having to tackle the gruelling gameplay.

And there’s going to be a lot of it. When discussing why the game is taking longer than first anticipated, Refenes says, somewhat unbelievably, “I think we're going to launch with 5,500 levels.”

That does sound rather insane, and even Refenes concurs it’s ‘kind of dumb’ to include that much content. Nevertheless, it should make the final product one hell of a challenge!

Check out the full interview, where Refenes also talks about a third Super Meat Boy game, here.

Are you looking forward to Super Meat Boy Forever and would you pick up a movie version? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Destructoid