Nintendo Switch 9.0 Firmware Update Adds Features And Squashes Bugs

There’s Switch Lite specific features as well as a major fix for Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Version 9.0.0 of the Switch’s firmware has been released, and as with all the round number updates, there’s a few bigger features included.

You’ll now get Online Play Invites appearing on your user page, which is a nice touch. There is the ‘supported software’ caveat though, so it remains to be seen whether the feature will be added to existing games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Splatoon 2.

You’re also able to set alarms now, which should come in handy if you’re prone to getting inadvertently lost in a game of Tetris 99 and burning your dinner.

Among the other new features are an option to adjust the touch screen sensitivity, as well as optimise it for stylus input, a search feature for the news channel, and the ability to check in to your Nintendo Account by displaying a QR code on-screen.

Switch Lite users - of which there’s currently none, but we’re sure that will change once the system actually launches - can deactivate their system’s buttons when using another wireless controller such as the Pro or another set of Joy-Con.

Finally, the update fixes a major issue for Fire Emblem: Three Houses fans who had recently purchased the game’s season pass. Doing so had reportedly prevented he game from launching at all, so it’s nice to hear that those players can now return to Fódlan.

You can view all the patch notes over on the official page.

Source: Nintendo