Amazon Lists Officially Licensed Overwatch Switch Case

Overwatch Case.png

The case would seem to confirm Overwatch for Switch. Nintendo Direct incoming?

As we hurtle towards September, thoughts are inevitably starting to turn towards a new Nintendo Direct, and with it, what new announcements we might see. It now appears that Blizzard’s hit competitive shooter Overwatch could well be headed to Switch.

Over on Twitter, @Wario64 has spotted a listing on Amazon (now taken down) for an Overwatch Switch case. Of course, with the myriad of dodgy sellers on the internet that doesn’t necessarily mean anything in and of itself, however the listing carried a ‘officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment’ notation.

Safe to say that with that kind of detail it’s a reasonable bet that Overwatch is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch. When Diablo III arrived last year, Blizzard Senior Producer Pete Stilwell stated that Overwatch was indeed a possibility on Switch. It now appears that possibility is becoming a reality.

The case itself looks incredibly smart, if we do say so ourselves, with tasty orange trim and sweet Joy-Con zippers. Check out a few more images of the case below.

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