Mario Maker Monday - 8 July 2019

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By Phil Myth

Wow. We had an unbelievable response to our first ever Mario Maker Monday last week. You guys have submitted absolutely shed-loads of levels! We’ve been hard at work playing through them and there’s been some great submissions. Have you lot ever thought about a career in game design?

We’ve also added a couple of new features this week. Friend of the Village Paul Lloyd has long been championing Super Mario Maker over on YouTube, and has made some pretty snazzy tutorial videos about all the things you can do in the game. So we thought we’d feature one of these videos each week so you can improve your course creation skills.

Plus we’re now going to be featuring individual creators too! First up is Joey Splats, so be sure to go and check out his Creator Profile.

Anyways, as ever there’s a stage from us at Nintendo Village, one we’ve found online, and a final course created by you lovely people to check out. Don’t forget to submit your latest levels using the form at the bottom of the page! Let us know what you think of these down in the comments too!

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Nintendo Village Stage

Stage Name: Green & Gold
Stage ID: H8f-F2-3PG
Created By Gary Gray aka @FlatcapGary

Starting out with a little homage to world 1-1 once again, this stage is all about the two most fundamental building blocks of Mario: pipes and coins.

A fairly straightforward one with some fun platforming, it’s another great one to speed run. Phil currently holds the world record time on this stage. Can you beat it?

My Great Capture Screenshot 2019-07-07 15-10-43.png

Villager’s Choice

Stage Name: Breach The Heavens
Stage ID: P3R-VFH-L3G
Created By: IBlmMyRlls

Phil came across this stage whilst streaming a few levels over on Twitch last week and it’s a doozy.

A vertical level with an autoscroll is exactly the kind of stage to make you panic. Throw in note blocks whirlwinds and seesaws and you’ve got a course that is undoubtedly challenging, and yet possesses that all-important “just one more go” feeling.

Many, many deaths were had on this course, but it made reaching the goal that much sweeter.

Community Stage

Stage Name: Spikey Snakey Antlions
Created By: ReMeH

As we said we got tons of submissions last week (and we’ll definitely be featuring some more of them in coming weeks) but our favourite was definitely this 3D World based stage from Remy.

The name kinda gives it away: it’s all about snake blocks, spikes, and ant troopers. But the way they’re utilised is brilliant. Wall-jumping between moving snake blocks was great, and then bouncing on giant ant troopers over the final spiky stretch was great fun!

Patience is the key with this one, but it’s absolutely worth checking out. Great work Remy!

My Great Capture Screenshot 2019-07-07 15-24-43.png


Paul - Mario Maker.png

Each week we’ll be featuring a ‘how to’ video from friend of the Village Paul Lloyd.

This week is all about how you can best use switches in your levels.


Paul’s Pro Tips

Once again, we’ve been blown away by the way you guys have engaged with this and can’t thank you enough for all your submissions! Keep them coming though, we’ll be back with another batch of levels for you next week!

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