Mario Maker Monday - 7 October 2019

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We’ve recreated a bit of a Mario classic scenario this week - Koopa the Quick is looking for another footrace!

We found a great ‘reaction test’ level on Course World too - you’ll have to be quick to make it to the end of the stage. Plus, you guys sent us a level that franly, was just plain cruel. It was a fun play through though!

Thanks again for playing and for all your submissions - be sure to keep sending them in using the form below!

Footrace with Koopa the Quick.png

Nintendo Village Stage

Stage Name: Footrace with Koopa the Quick
Stage ID: 859-88R-CDF
Created By Phil Myth

We’ve recreate the classic Super Mario 64 star for you this week! Well sort of.

There’s a few homages to the classic N64 launch title in the form bob-ombs and seesaws, but mostly it’s all about beating that giant Koopa to the flag pole.

Think you can beat him? Dive in and test yourself!

Reaction test 3 (think fast).png

Villager’s Choice

Stage Name: Reaction test 3 (think fast)
Stage ID: NFJ-T5G-98G
Created By: JohnnySSBU

You’ll need fast thumbs to make it to the end of this one!

JohnnySSBU has crafted a series of bitesize challenges that you’ll need quick reactions to overcome. You’ll be dropped into each one via a doorway or pipe, and have only moments to react to the danger in each room.

It’s a really cool idea, and if you like it, JohnnySSBU has got a few more similar challenges on his Maker Profile too.

Community Stage

Stage Name: Jun in the Fungle
Stage ID: TTH-3N6-5WF
Created By: TimDanger

You guys can be really cruel to us sometimes you know that?

This stage from TimDanger has a bunch of hidden kaizo blocks that will drive you absolutely barmy, but the premise of the course is a ton of fun nonetheless. You’ll have to make it to the goal without touching the ground to clear the level and believe us when we say that’s easier said than done!

Thanks for the submission TimDanger!

Jun in the Fungle.png

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