Mario Maker Monday - 1 July 2019

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By Phil Myth

Super Mario Maker 2 finally dropped onto Switch last week and we’ve been hard at work creating all sorts of levels (and getting our backside handed to us by various others too). To celebrate, we’re launching Mario Maker Monday - a new feature designed to give you all new stages to try out, and to get more people to play yours!

Each Monday we’ll share a new post on our website and social media accounts (that’s Twitter and Facebook) which will feature three stages from Super Mario Maker 2. The first one will be a level created by us here at Nintendo Village for you to get your teeth into.

The second will be a cool stage that we’ve come across whilst we’ve been playing the game.

The third will be stage submitted to us by you wonderful people!

All you have to do to get your stage featured is send us the course ID. You can do this by commenting on this article, leaving a comment on the weekly Facebook post, send us a tweet, or fill in the form below. We’ll play through all the submissions and pick our favourite to feature!

We can’t wait to play all your stages, so without further ado, here’s the first three picks!

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Nintendo Village Stage

Stage Name: World 1-1?
Created By: Phil Myth aka @philmyth

This is the first ever Mario Maker Monday so where better to start than World 1-1?

Not that this is a straight up reproduction mind (though the level terrain will be familiar) - there are surprises and twists around every Question Block. Superstars and Mushrooms aren’t quite where you remember them being, and there seems to be a rather large infestation of Bowser’s minions.

This was quite a fun one to create so we hope you enjoy it!

My Great Capture Screenshot 2019-06-30 21-03-30.png

Villager’s Choice

Stage Name: Zelda OoT: Deku Tree
Created By: Majora

We found this one online and hoo-boy does it deliver. We’re not quite sure how but Majora has managed to recreate the first dungeon from Ocarina of Time with startling accuracy.

There’s Bloopers playing the role of Giant Skulltulas, an ingenious combination of Monty Mole and Goombrats playing the role of Deku Scrubs and even an impressive Gohma boss battle!

If, like us, you know the Great Deku Tree like the back of your hand, you absolutely have to check out this stage.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2019-06-30 21-08-10.png

Community Stage

Stage Name: Ice and easy…
Stage ID: JH2-83H-87G
Created By: SG8 aka

This was a dastardly level, and the timer counting down from the get-go really makes you panic. It’ a simple one and done stage, but you’ve got to collect all 125 coins on offer whilst avoiding a barrage of falling icicles from the ceiling.

Took us a few attempts to clear it, but it was certainly satisfying when we did! Definitely worth checking out - and it’s a fun one to try and beat the World Record time on too! Nice one SG8!

So those are the first ever Mario Maker Monday picks! We hope you like playing them as much as we did! Let us know what you thought of them down in the comments, and be sure to submit your own course using the form below!

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