Mario Maker Monday - 5 August 2019

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By Phil Myth

More fun stages for you guys this week! We’ve taken to including a number of levels that you lovely people are sharing with us during our streams. There’s a few places you can catch us streaming some Super Mario Maker 2 (as well as a bunch of other games of course). First up there’s the official Nintendo Village YouTube and Twitch channels, and we’ve started streaming directly on Twitter too! On top of that, you can find Flatcap Gary streaming over on his YouTube channel, and Antonio has been playing a whole bunch of stuff on the Hypecaster channel. Lastly, our resident Mario Maker tips and tricks guru Paul Lloyd plays all sorts of stages over on his personal YouTube channel too!

Don’t forget to keep those submissions coming via the form at the bottom of the page, and we hope you enjoy playing this week’s selections!

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Nintendo Village Stage

Stage Name: Solitary Maze
Stage ID: 9DC-V0C-GQG
Created By Ry-Nos

This toughie comes from Ryan over at Nintendo Nostalgia. It’s fairly straightforward in it’s premise, but can be a right pain in the neck in execution!

Mario is stuck in a simple maze and has to make it out the other side. Fairly simple, but there’s winged blocks moving through the level that threaten to squish you in one of the maze’s tight corridors.

Hint: Use those winged blocks to your advantage!

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Villager’s Choice

Stage Name: Shell Casino 5-1
Stage ID: 0PS-M7L2XG
Created By: Achotoni

Another one that came through while Phil was streaming last week, this is a brilliantly fun course. You’ll have to have your wits about you for some of the platforming sections, and there’s a couple of really cool uses of the giant Koopa shells.

Definitely worth checking this one out, and don’t forget to follow us over on YouTube and Twitch to see when we’re playing your courses live!

Community Stage

Stage Name: Battleship Dreadnought!
Created By: Cunningham

We love it when you guys create classic-style Mario levels (and not just because we suck at kaizo stages, honest), and this battleship level from Cunningham is no exception. Yoshi has been captured and it’s up to you to get to the end of the stage and rescue him.

Cool platforming sections, some basic puzzles to solve and a nifty boss fight at the end make this a fun one to play through.

Thanks for the submission Cunningham!

Mario Maker Monday Submission 5-8-19.png


Paul’s Pro Tips

Paul - Mario Maker.png

Each week we’ll be featuring a ‘how to’ video from friend of the Village Paul Lloyd.

There’s a really clever way to make some excellent multiplayer stages in this week’s tutorial.


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