Mario Maker Monday - 15 July 2019

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By Phil Myth

Another great batch of levels submitted by you guys! This week we’re got a themed puzzle stage, a classic style Mario level, and a kaizo stage for you to check out.

Paul’s Tips this week will take you through some cool mechanics you can use to up your level making game too.

Check ‘em all out, and don’t forget to submit your stages using the form at the bottom of the page!

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Nintendo Village Stage

Stage Name: Rushback Hills
Stage ID: 7JM-MY4-L0H
Created By Antonio Gullen aka @Hypecaster

A classic style Mario level from Antonio for you all this week. There’s some clever back-tracking elements, some well timed switches to hit, and plenty of Goombas to take out by sliding down slopes (which is always fun).

Throwing Up.png

Villager’s Choice

Stage Name: Throwing Up
Stage ID: 3TF-TF2-XMG
Created By: Kapn’Koopa

Another stage we came across whilst streaming over on Twitch.

Generally speaking we’re trying to recommend levels to you that may well offer some challenge, but are still doable. It’s a bit odd then that we’re suggesting a level this week that we haven’t actually beaten. It’s a kaizo level (read tough as nails), but it’s not one that feels overly ridiculous.

You do feel like somewhat of a god when you complete a section of these types of levels and running through the first area of Throwing Up whilst pitching shells at switches in order to give you a platform to land on feels awesome. Just be prepared to die. A lot.

Community Stage

Stage Name: Earth, Wind, & Fire
Created By: Robyaple

Last up is one of your submissions and we loved the concept of this stage by Robyaple.

There are three sub sections, each with a theme. Get to the end of each section to receive a key and progress towards the goal. It’s really cleverly done and the different coloured pipes to denote which themed area you’re heading into was a nice touch.

Good stuff Robyaple, thanks for the submission!

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Paul’s Pro Tips

Paul - Mario Maker.png

Each week we’ll be featuring a ‘how to’ video from friend of the Village Paul Lloyd.

This week is a great tips and tricks video for adding some cool mechanics to your levels.


Once again, we’ve been blown away by the way you guys have engaged with this and can’t thank you enough for all your submissions! Keep them coming though, we’ll be back with another batch of levels for you next week!

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