Mario Maker Monday - 12 August 2019

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By Phil Myth

A great batch of levels for you this week! All three are more in the classic Mario style, with some great platforming and themes for you to enjoy! Plus, if you’ve been wanting to include some more puzzles in your stages but haven’t quite figured out the techniques needed to do so, Paul’s got a few tips and tricks that should have you creating some devious challenges in no time at all.

Next week’s Mario Maker Monday night just be featuring a bit of a giveaway, so make sure you check back here for that…

See you next week!

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Nintendo Village Stage

Stage Name: 1-2 Rushback Hills
Stage ID: YS2-MW7-R6G
Created By Antonio aka @HypeCaster

You may remember Rushback Hills from an earlier edition of Mario Maker Monday, and this second stage is a great follow up. The second part of Antonio’s Hyperland collection of levels, it sees you hunting down 5 red coins in order to make it to the goal.

It’s a fun single area level that is as much about exploring as it is platforming. We hope you enjoy it!

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Villager’s Choice

Stage Name: Not-So-Abandoned Lab
Stage ID: 55W-5C7-3VF
Created By: IHaeTypos

We loved this level. Mario has to make it through an abandoned lab, though the lab still has a few dormant defence mechanisms ready to give him some grief when he triggers them.

The most impressive thing about this stage (apart from the awesome gauntlet through the security you activate towards the end) was the vibe. It genuinely feels like an abandoned lab, complete with spooky staircases, overgrown vegetation and intimidating machinery.

Community Stage

Stage Name: Piranha Plant Park
Created By: Brunno

This submission came in through our new Instagram account of all places, but it’s still another brilliant level from our community!

Classic Mario style platforming once again, but this time through a Piranha Plant infested course. You’ve got to be really on your toes through certain sections, and there’s a whole host of different power-ups you’ll need to utilise if you’re going to collect all the keys needed to make it to the end.

Loved this one, thanks a bunch Brunno!

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Paul’s Pro Tips

Paul - Mario Maker.png

Each week we’ll be featuring a ‘how to’ video from friend of the Village Paul Lloyd.

Want to include some cool puzzles in your stages? Paul’s got a few tips and tricks to let you do just that this week!


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