Galarian Ponyta Is A Shield Exclusive

Galarian Ponyta Shield Exclusive Pokemon.png

The recently revealed ‘mon will only be available in one version of the game.

Last week’s 24 hour Pokémon livestream didn’t totally knock our collective socks off in terms of announcements, but it did contain one big reveal in the existence of a new Galarian form for Ponyta.

Now Serebii are reporting - courtesy of a scan of the new issue of Famitsu magazine that you can check out below - that the new Ponyta will be a version exclusive. Only players of the Shield version of the upcoming Pokémon games will be able to catch the ‘mon in the wild.

Galarian Ponyta joins Larvitar and Goomy (as well as their respective evolutions) in being exclusive to Shield. Meanwhile, Sword fans will have Deino and Janmo-o to capture, as well as Farfetch’d and his new evolution Sirfetch’d.

As well as being a version exclusive, Galarian Ponyta has the ability ‘Pastel Veil’ which prevents itself and allies from being poisoned, healing any Ally Pokémon of Poison when being switched in.

There’ll likely be more information when the magazine is properly released.

Does this news affect which version of the game you’re likely to be getting? Let us know down in the comments.


Update: A new trailer for Galarian Ponyta has just dropped. Check it out:

Further Update: Nintendo have confirmed via Twitter that the Pokémon is in fact Poison type, not Fairy as many had guessed:

Source: Serebii