Free DLC Commander Coming To Wargroove

Wargroove DLC.png

The free DLC will be released ‘soon’, and will be playable at EGX.

Fans of Chucklefish’s Advance Wars tyle strategy game Wargroove will soon have an extra Commander to help lead their troops into battle.

Although there’s no release date confirmed as yet, players will be able to select Wulfar as their commander in a future update. His faction will be familiar to anyone who’s finished the main game’s campaign, while hs groove sounds like it’ll certainly pack a punch!

Here’s the info from Chucklefish:

Wulfar is the Chief of the largest and oldest Outlaw clan in Aurania. He stands enormously tall and uses his colossal strength to wield his weapon of choice – a massive stone hammer. It may seem a clumsy instrument, but years of training allow him to wield it with expert precision.

He comes from a long line of pirates and thieves – and uses his flexibility and adaptability to overcome opponents in battle. Though many are intimidated by his towering physique, Wulfar’s strong resolve, quick thinking, and clever problem solving are the reasons his Outlaw clan follows him.

Wulfar’s groove uses his hammer like a supercharged golf club, launching his target across the map, dealing damage to both the target and any enemies they land near. With one fell swoop of the hammer, Wulfar can launch ground units into the ocean to immediately defeat them or swing at allies to reposition them during battle.

Attendees at this year’s EGX will be able to check out the new content, and Chucklefish have indicate they’ll be streaming it over on their Twitch channel at some point for anyone who can’t make it too.

We’re looking forward to seeing Wulfur in action and we’re keen to see if he can claim a spot in our Top 5 Wargroove commanders. Are you looking forward to this addition to the game? Let us know down in the comments.