Galarian Form Of Ponyta Revealed

Galarian Ponyta.png

The unicorn-esque variation of the Gen 1 ‘mon was shown during the 24 hour live stream.

The new Galarian Ponyta looks likely to be a Fairy type Pokémon.

The new Galarian Ponyta looks likely to be a Fairy type Pokémon.

Those excited for more information about the new Pokémon games Sword and Shield were treated to an interesting 24-Hour livestream on the main Pokémon YouTube channel this weekend.

Pitched as a camera that’s been set up by Sonia - the granddaughter and assistant of the new game’s Professor Magnolia - the live stream is set in a mushroom forest named the ‘Glimwood Tangle’, and there’s been a handful of returning Pokémon confirmed, as well as a brand new Galarian form for Ponyta.

We’ve had glimpses of some well-known Pokémon during the stream including Pikachu, Swirlix, Phantump and Cottonee. Alongside those there have been sections with multiple Morelull dancing across the screen, as well as it’s evolved form Shiinotic cropping up in the background.

That’s when we were all shocked and surprised at an image of a new Pokémon hidden in the bushes. Believed to be a new form of Ponyta, the Pokémon was teased obscured by the undergrowth and even hidden in the background as another new Pokémon Impidimp - shown in a previous Sword and Shield trailer - runs in front of the camera.

After several blurry images of the new “Ponyta” running across the screen, with its mane an tail teased at several moments, we finally got a full screen view as it walks across the screen in full view.

Though still not officially confirmed at time of writing, this Galarian form Ponyta looks highly likely to be a Fairy type Pokémon by virtue of its unicorn like appearance and pink cloud-like mane. It could even possibly be a Fire Fairy type Pokémon, a combination that as of yet has not been seen in the Pokémon universe.

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Source: YouTube