Daemon X Machina Competitive Multiplayer Is Live

The first update to the game, featuring numerous multiplayer modes, is go.

Last month we reported on the developer road map for Daemon X Machina and detailed some of the new modes and features coming to the game.

The first update has now dropped and it’s a big one. Players can now take part in both co-operative and competitive multiplayer missions. You can do so locally if your mates have got a copy of the game too, or over the internet.

Here’s the blurb from Nintendo’s official website:

Join up to three friends via local wireless or online for special co-operative multiplayer missions. Credits, weapons and armour earned in these missions can then be used in both single- and co-op multiplayer modes.

Some co-op missions pit you against colossal Immortal machines in a true fight for survival, where teamwork is the only way to win. You can also face off against opposing Reclaimers in their own Arsenals – take them all down and show your dominance!

For a more competitive experience, take on friends in either one-on-one or two-on-two versus play. Earn points through online play to increase your ranking and show the world how good you are!

If you’ve been looking forward to this update let us know down in the comments. There’s still plenty more to come over the following months, including some collaborations with other popular franchises.

Source: Nintendo