eShop Giveaway!


by Phil Myth

To celebrate the launch of Nintendo Village, we're giving away $20 in eShop credit.

You can enter by visiting us here on site, subscribing to our YouTube channel, watching our launch trailer, and following us on Twitter!

Do all that through this link and you'll be in with a chance! 

The closing date is February 11, with the winner being announced shortly after so make sure you don't hang around!


Nintendo Village was formed as a way of bringing a wealth of content creators from across the web together under one umbrella. There's so many fantastic podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, artists, photographers and who knows what else that all do something special and unique, yet are united in their passion for Nintendo.

Phil and Gary, who themselves came together through their shared passion for all things Ninty, formed NV as a way of bringing more of those creative, passionate people together, uniting their communities and giving everyone involved a shared space to both promote their work, and also just nerd out together.

There's already a bunch of great creators who have become Villagers, but if you've got something you'd like to bring to our little community - be it an art blog, podcast, YouTube channel or anything else - drop us a line!

Phil is the co-founder and editor of Nintendo Village, and also writes, hosts and produces P Myth Gaming. He has been a Nintendo fanboy for as long as he can remember and owns every home console bar the Virtual Boy (one day... one day...). His favourite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.