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By Gary Gray

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Hearing news of older games coming to a new console can be hit or miss with me as an individual. Whereas, by-and-large, I constantly crave “New”, every once in a while an old game gets announced for re-release, and I get more excited for that than the next big title. These are usually games that I’ve either loved previously, but want a different experience out of them (such as 3DS games reworked for a home console), or games that I just don’t feel got the attention they deserve first time around. 

Atooi’s back catalogue of games hits both of these marks for me, having played most of them on my 3DS, I love having the ability to play on my TV too. Whereas Mutant Mudds had some success, Chicken Wiggle is known to have not sold so well, so seeing Atooi games come out for the Switch is great - giving them a new lease of life, as well as an opportunity for those who never got to admire them in the first place.  

Mutant Mudds Collection was the first to hit the eShop, featuring Mutant Mudds Deluxe, the teeth-grindingly hard Mutant Mudds Super Challange, as well as the all new Mudd Blocks. The collection was welcomed with arms wide open, and was way more than I hoped to get. 

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Two fantastic games that were an upgrade from my 3DS versions (with additional HD rumble no less), plus an all new game that is one of the greatest block-based puzzles I’ve played. It’s almost criminal that Mudd Blocks hasn’t had its own big launch, yet being exclusive to this bundle just adds so much more value to the package. 

While still clearing Mutant Mudds, I received news that Xeodrifter is working it’s way to Switch as well. Again, another 3DS title that I’ve finished, yet find myself buzzing at the thought of having it on my TV. Hopefully HD rumble and a few more Switch-specific features tag along for the ride with this one too! While the boss battles were super hard in that game, it was a great take on the so called “Metroidvania” gameplay. 

Surely that’s it right?  


Jools from Atooi then puts out a post stating that he’s gauging interest in Chicken Wiggle for Switch. Ok, so it’ll end up as a Kickstarter project, and while it’s rare that I use Kickstarter, I’m sure this will be one of the exceptions. Chicken Wiggle was a great level creation tool, one that I was hoping would’ve been a big hit on the 3DS. Unfortunately it didn’t quite reach that level, partly due to the fact that hardly anyone can stream 3DS games, limiting the potential for it's levels to capture people's imaginations in the same way that Super Mario Maker did. 

So far though, it's a fantastic effort from Atooi on the Switch, one that I hope more developers take note of. I didn’t even really touch on the upcoming Totes the Goat, Soccer Slammers or the long awaited Treasurenauhts, but we will save that for another day.  

Gary is the co-founder of and writer for Nintendo Village, and also hosts multiple shows including Topic Nintendo. A fan of not only Nintendo, but all things gaming. However, the GameBoy is where his love first blossomed.
His favourite game is
The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening. 

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